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Behavioral Modification Board & Train

To most of us, our dogs are our world and we would like to believe they are perfect; but sometimes they need more help than we want to admit. That's OKAY!  Over time, our dogs can begin to build habits and behaviors that we don't know how to stop or fix.
My 4 Week Behavioral Modification Board & Train can help you and your dog get on track to living harmoniously together. I want you to enjoy the time you have with your dog, and I want your dog to enjoy it too. When a dog is living in a negative state of mind, it can cause the dog to not live has happy as it could. I am here to change that! 

PSA: Board and Train prices have been increased as of June 2023 & the amount of spots has dropped down to 1-2 dogs at a time. This allows me to work more diligently with your dog to ensure you get your moneys worth.


Age Limit

4 months and older
We believe that almost any dog can be trained, regardless of their age, breed & temper.

**We suggest this course if your puppy needs less of the "puppy work" and more of the Behavioral & Obedience work.**


What Will My Dog Learn?

When your dog joins our Board & Train Program they will be receiving Advanced Behavioral Modification by composing these elements: 

-Crate Training
-Food Manners
-Leash Manners
-General Manners
       -(Jumping, Waiting at thresholds, Biting, etc.)
       -(Grooming/ Veterinarian Training)
        -(Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Place, Drop It, etc.)​
-Social Skills
         -(both humans & dogs)
-Real Life Experiences & Exposure


What Tools Will You Be Using?

Dogs communicate through:
Body Language, Energy, Space, Touch & Sound.

Those will be our primary tools. 
The next step is figuring out which "external tools" I will be using on your dog. Being that I am a balanced trainer, I use tools that are going to best suit your dog. I will never use a tool on your dog if they do not need it. 

Towards the end of the Board & Train, I will tell you which tool package best suits your dog & their needs.


So, How Will I Know What To Do When I Get My Dog Back?

Your 4 week Board & Train comes with two mid sessions and a mandatory go home session.
At the mid sessions we dive into the basics, what your dog is learning, the tools I am using, how you can start communicating better with your pup & help you learn what you need to start changing as well. Then the go home session is a more intensive session where we go over everything in home or at your main place of concern so that things can transfer even better in the environment. It is my goal for you to feel comfortable & confident as the heart of the pack. I want you to be able to enjoy your pup and their training once they come home.


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Length & Pricing






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