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It is my mission to provide guidance to those that truly want to help their dogs become more balanced and to understand their dog/ how to better communicate with them. I use a balanced technique which fits all types of dogs, issues & sensitivity. By teaching my clients how to use Body Language, Energy, Space, Sound & Touch, I am able to go back to the dogs instinctual roots and communicate, guide & train them in a way they understand. Thus, leaving you empowered and giving you and your dog the life you deserve together.



 Every dog & person are different, meaning they learn different, act different, feel emotions different, etc. As a result to that, I don't use the same physical tools on every dog. I use their 5 main ways of communication (listed above), build onto that and then use the proper tools for your dog to get those long lasting results. Human to canine communication and visa versa shouldn’t be difficult or frustrating. I can help make it fun, while also being educational and well worth the time and effort.

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