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The Limitless Canine Way

We all want a dog that we can take out into the world and enjoy our time with right? Some of us can, but for others it's hard to do that when you're constantly feeling anxious over your dog and their behavioral issues or their puppies lack of manners.

Imagine being able to walk by others dogs & people with your dog more interested in you than them. Imagine a quiet house when the doorbell rings, or when people come over. Picture your dog on the beach, on your favorite trail or hiking path greeting others politely & calmly. Imagine feeling calm & confident in not only your dogs training but yours as well.

This is where I come in. I start by helping your dog build the skills through a Balanced Training technique. Throughout the process and at the end, I give you the tools & skills for you and your dog to succeed within your relationship & life. I take pride in the knowledge and skills I acquire to help you and your canine live a happy, healthy & balanced lifestyle. 

Making you the heart of the pack is going to benefit you and your dog in countless amount of ways. Not only will your dog thank you for it, you will thank yourself too.

Balanced Training Explained

Balanced Training does not rely solely on purely positive use, nor do they rely solely on corrective methods. As a Balanced Trainer, I find what tools are going to work best for your dog by thinking more out of the box. Just like people; dogs are all different shapes, sizes, temperaments, sensitivity levels, etc. Cookie cutter methods can only get you so far on most dogs. I like to dig deeper with your dog: their breed, what drives and fulfills them, etc. Did you know that dogs live in the Instinctual world, still? Humans live in the Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual worlds, our dogs to this day, live in the Instinctual world; which makes them prone to do things that help them survive. In turn this can create dogs with behavioral issues if they are not properly lead, fulfilled, trained, fed and more. With my Balanced Training techniques, I can help your dog live in that Instinctual world, but still thrive in this crazy human world.

Possible Training Goals

-Building a Solid Relationship Between You & Your Dog

-Behavioral Modification

-Basic Obedience

-Advanced Obedience

-Puppy Foundations

-Leash Manners

-"Coffee Shop Dogs"


Please note that I am offering Board and Trains again.

Contact me for availability and other information.

I am only accepting 1 - 2 Board and Trains at a time.


Board & Trains

Private Lessons

Limitless Exploration

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Group Classes

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