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5 Week Group Class

Dog Training 101

Limitless Canine offering a 5 week group class to cover topics to get you and your dog, on track!

Each week we will be covering a new topic/ basic that every dog and owner should learn to have a balanced relationship. Topics will consist of Body Language/ Leash Manners/ Follow State of Mind, Place work, Obedience, and more!

**Please note** All of these classes WILL be in public areas which will create a more distracted & challenging environment for you and your dog!

Class dates are: 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19

Class time is: 6:30pm

This class comes as a package, so you have to purchase all 5 classes; not just one here and there. Each class is $80, which makes it a $400 total.

I will provide more details to those that sign up.

There are only 6 spots available, so make sure to get your spot, TODAY! Click the link below.

Sign Up Today!

Go To >> Shop >> 5 Week Class >> Click to purchase your spot


Click the link below!
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