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Welcome to Limitless Canine

Limitless Canine is dedicated to helping you and your dog live a harmonious life. We are a balanced training company in Reno, NV. LC knows how important it is for the dog to get the training, but teaching the human about their dog & how to communicate properly with them is just as important.

My Services

PSA: Board and Train prices have been increased as of June 2023 & the amount of spots has dropped down to 1-2 dogs at a time. This allows me to work more diligently with your dog to ensure you get your moneys worth.

Board & Trains

Board and Trains are for those that want more consistency for their dog or that may have a more difficult case.

Board and Trains are when a dog stays with me for an extended period of time and is trained daily to meet your goals.


3 Ways to Board & Train

- Puppy 

- Behavioral Modification

- Intensive Behavioral Mod

Private Lessons

 In these lessons you'd work on the issues you are having with your dog whether it be at home, or in public.


Different topics that can be covered but are not limited to:


-Follow State of Mind

-Behavioral Modification

-Leash Manners




Limitless Exploration

The Limitless Exploration Program gives your dog the opportunity to get out and about in Mother Nature.


Your dog gets to explore and enjoy their time while also working on their training needs & tiring them out.


Think of it as a glorified daycare, with training.

Group Classes

Group classes will begin in 2023. These classes will be max, 8 dogs.

Classes are 1x a week for 5 weeks.

My classes are for those looking to get training around other dogs/ distractions, etc. 

We will be covering different topics each class.

More Info Here

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