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Private Lessons

These 1:1 lessons are perfect for those wanting to (mostly) DIY train their dog. These lessons help the owners begin to learn about their dogs' body language, how to use their energy with the dog, how to properly communicate in a way the dog understands, and more. Private Lessons are ideal for those that just got a new dog, are having issues within their home that need to be resolved or people that want to learn more about their furry family member.

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How Do 1:1 Lessons Work?

These 1:1 private lessons are for 1-2 people and their dog to work with me. In these lessons you'd work on the issues you are having with your dog whether it be at home, or in public. 

What Do We Work On?

During this time you can request to work on things such as:

  • Obedience

  • Leash Manners

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Leadership Help

  • and more!

I will also help you in areas I see necessary.

1:1 private lessons are for YOU to get what you want and need from me & your dog.

How Long Are Lessons?

Most private lessons are usually an hour, sometimes they go over, depending on the situation and dog. If lessons go over scheduled period, there will be a slight additional charge.

What Tools Are Used?

Because I am a Balanced Trainer who focuses on relationship building between my client and their dog, I use a variety of tools like: Treats, Place Cots, Figure 8, Prong Collar, E-Collar, etc. During your sessions we will be figuring out what tools will best work for your dog and you. 


A La Carte: $130/ 1 hr
A La Carte: $195/ 1.5hrs
(5) 1 hr Lesson Packet: $600
(5) 1.5 hr Lesson Packet: $925
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